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Monday, June 10, 2013

AN Monday - Pink!

Hi everyone!

Hope you had an awesome long weekend! I think that was all Aussie's except WA, so i hope you WA's had a good weekend and monday back at work, uni etc.
I was a bit sick all weekend, well actually i have been since Thursday night, and i'm not 100% still but I'm on the mend.
Even though i wasn't well, i did make a trip up to the Riverland here in SA with my partner, his parents and our two dogs. It was a nice day actually and it was good to get out of bed and the house.

Anyway, onto ANM! This weeks theme was "Pink" As i haven't been well, i haven't had much enthusiasm to do my nails and to actually come up with anything =(

I settled for pink with my favourite glitter topper, Sticks 'n Stones!

This is 3 coats of B collection by Bloom Hollywood which is an awesome bright pink. I then followed it by doing one coat of Coverband's Sticks 'n Stones, which has got to be probably my all-time favourite glitter topper! I have used it so much i need a back up - maybe two! haha

Enjoy your week!! Hopefully i can put together another post this week! haha

Kel xx


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