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Friday, July 5, 2013

Nailene Calcium Gel Tip Kit review.

Last week i reviewed two of the three products i received from Nailene. Today i will be reviewing the third. 

I received the Gel Kit, which was awesome as i have a break in my index finger and i didn't want to round it off, so it was a great time to try this out.

The Kit comes with;
- Instructions
- Nailene Gel Overlay
- Nailene Gel Activator
- Tips in both white and clear
- Plastic dropper (not pictured)
- Nail file and buffer pad

The break on my index finger which i will be putting the Gel overlay on today. 

I started with wiping my nail down with nail polish remover to get rid of any dirt and oils.

I then chose a tip that best suited my nail size. If your inbetween sizes, choose the bigger size and file the sides down. It also told me to keep the tip on the holder thing and twist it off once it was stuck on my nail but they're a bit flimsy and it just fell off anyway, which was fine as it seemed easier to work with.

I then used the Gel Overlay and placed a dab on my nail where i wanted to place the tip, quickly put the tip into place and waited a few seconds for it to adhere.

I then filed the tip down to my liking. I did file the sides down a bit too to fit better and so it didn't look so flared out. 

I used the Gel overlay again and painted my whole nail with it, just like i paint my nails. 

 Then using the plastic dropper that is included, i placed 2 drops of the Gel Activator on my nail, starting at the cuticle and letting it roll down my nail.

I waited 2-3 minutes and repeated a coat of Gel Overlay and 2 drops of the Activator. I was happy there and let it dry a little bit longer (around 5 mins).
I then gave it a light buff (the black file looking thing) and i put a coat of topcoat over the top.

And your done! =D

This was very simple to use and a lot easier than the acrylic set. It's as simple as painting your nails lol. 
The great thing with the gel kit is that it is odourless and won't stink the house out.
I did find that somehow, or for some reason, i got a very slight uncomfortable pressure feeling in my nail and it was a bit tender to touch. It was ok by the next day, but i noticed my nails were not as curved as you see in the pic above, and they were quite flat. 

You can see in the below picture (index finger) with what i mean. It almost looks like i have duck nails 0_o

(Polish is I Shit Glitter from Love Thy Polish

I took the gel off this morning and my nail has somewhat gotten it's curve back. Hopefully, over time it will come back fully to it's original curve.

While i really loved the idea of this product and was excited to use it, i cannot go past the pressure felt in my nail. I am going to give this another try soon and see if the outcome is better. I'm not sure if it was the way i applied it or something but it seemed strange. 

Nailene Gel kit was provided for honest review, see my disclosure policy for more info.

Kel xx


  1. The pressure may just be from the tip being glued onto the nail where it feels like it is pulling or not fitting flat. Deff give it another go though! Shame about not being able to get that curvature, cause that's strength all the way!


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