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Sunday, March 31, 2013

Easter mani's + Light it up Blue in April for Autism!

Hi all!!

I hope everyone is having an awesome Easter and you got spoilt with lots of Easter eggs!!
I have been super busy this last week and haven't had a chance to do any Easter mani's =(
I haven't left you high and dry though. These are the three mani's i did last year for Easter!
Wow! They were so different back then!

Pretty pastel nails with Polka dots and a Bunny accent!

Little chicks

and matte Speckled Eggs!

Also next month is Autism awareness month with April 2nd being "World Autism Day". 

There is a bunch of awesome nail fans, bloggers, indie makers and well anyone who wants to, sharing awesome blue mani's for the cause! Some are doing it for just the day, one a week for the month and some doing it all month long.
I will be doing it month long. Not everyday but all my mani's for the month of April will be used with blue nail polish! Yay! 
Join in if you like! Whether it be blogging, IG, Facebook  link me up and i'll check it out!
IG hashtag: #bluenailsforautism & #lightitupbluenails

If you want more infomation on Autism, check out these links

Kel xx


  1. Love the easter nails =) I've got my blue mani all ready so check my blog out that day =) xo

  2. Lovely nails. Those chicks are so cute!

  3. Great manicure! Happy Easter


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