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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Colour block nails featuring The Natural Source Camouflage Colour!

I have collaborated with Lust Have It & The Natural Source to bring you a simple and easy nail art tutorial featuring The Natural Source nail polishes from their Camouflage collection.

I was kindly sent 8 of their polishes from their Camouflage Collection which came in this cool tin.

 Silver, Pink, Purple, Pumpkin, Purple Plum, Emerald, Blackened Brown, Black.

I have chosen to do use striping tape for my mani, but this can also be achieved by using normal sticky tape i'm sure you have at home, otherwise striping tape can be found on ebay for a couple of bucks for about 10 rolls. You'll probably never need that many but it can come in handy to throw in swaps and giveaways.

I used these 5 polishes from the collection to achieve today's look.
Pink, Purple, Pumpkin, Emerald, Blackened Brown.

This is my first pictorial so please be kind! =)

  1. Start of with a base colour. I used Pink. (it's more a nude with a hint of pink) A light colour is always best as a base as it won't show through the colours on the top.
  2. Apply a quick dry top coat and let dry
  3. While your nails are drying, cut the desired amount of pieces from the tape about 4-5cm in length, depending on how long your nails are, and place them along the corner of your work bench.
  4. Once your nails are dry, start applying the tape on each nail however you'd like.

5.  Grab your colours and start painting each different area a different colour. You may need a couple coats of each colour. Be careful not to paint over the tape and into the next area as it will show when the tape is removed.

You'll need to work a little fast and it's best to start out doing one nail at a time. It will get a bit messy up near and around your cuticles but this can be cleaned off later.

6.  Once you have the whole nail/all nails painted, pull off the striping tape. If you've overlapped the tape (like shown above where i have laid down the piece that goes from cuticle to the free edge, then the ones on the sides) make sure you take off the side pieces first before pulling off the one that's underneath or you'll end up with a ruined mani.

7.  Clean up around the cuticles with a small paintbrush dipped in acetone.

8.  Add a topcoat to help smooth it all out and make it nice and glossy.

That's it! Your done! =)

Very simple with minimal work.

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Kel xx


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