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Monday, March 18, 2013

Aussie Nails Monday - Ombre

Hi everyone!

This weeks ANM is Ombre! I've never tried an Ombre before. I went with my favourite colour of course which is Brown.

I have a tonne of brown in my drawers so it was hard to pick some browns that were actually different enough and then also ones that would actually work in an Ombre. I think i did ok but i would have used a different shade another time for my middle finger.

I used all OPI polishes for this design.
Thumb: My boyfriend scales the walls. Obviously not a brown but i love Ombre's that start with white.
Index: Don't Pretzel my buttons
Middle: A-Taupe the Space Needle
Ring: You don't know Jacques
Pinky: Suzi loves Cowboys.

Kel xx


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