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Thursday, December 6, 2012

KBShimmer Glowstick

Hi all!
A quick one today as i run out the door for work, Urgh!! This part of the week is always the busiest for me and i always seem to fail in blogging this side of Wednesday lol

I have my first (and only at the moment) KBShimmer polish. I bought Glowstick a couple of months ago from a blog sale.

Glowstick is a sheer neon yellow with lots of holographic glitter including hex's, bars & stars. The stars look like they are curled but they're not. They lie flat but my nails are curved so they stick up. Boo!
What i didn't realise, was this is glow in the dark lol. Umm derh! It's called Glowstick, Kelly! Of course it's glow in the dark. As i was oblivious to this, there is no glow photo =(
This was three coats and one coat of SV.

Kel xx


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