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Thursday, October 24, 2013

OMG Nail polish strips review - Sneakers

Hi all!

After two long months, i finally have my iMac back together and working! Yay! That means, i can get back into blogging a bit more, instead of waiting to use my fianc├ęs computer all the time….

Anyway, today i have nail strips to show you. These were sent to me for review from OMG Nail Strips. I picked two designs that they kindly sent me, and today i will be showing you the sneaker ones, and how to apply them.

These come in a packet of 14, so there is a strip to fit all sizes of nails.

It also has all the instructions on the back of the packet. They're pretty straight forward, but super easy to use. These are actually my first nail strips i've ever used loll so this came in handy.

I opened the packet, took them out and began choosing which one would fit each of my nails. I laid them out below from pinky to thumb on my left, then thumb to pinky on my right.

 All the strips have a clear plastic sheet over the top of them to protect them, so you'll need to remove that. Then you just peel the "sticker" off the back of the backing paper.

Line it up as best you can, starting from the cuticle. They are a touch fiddle-y, but they feel like those window stickers that can take off and be reused again lol, so if you have trouble you can peel it off and start again or readjust.

Once you have it in position, smooth it out with your fingers and fold the excess down over the tip. I used a file, and very lightly "buffed" the excess off in the same way i would file my nails.

Repeat for all remaining nails.

I had a few tiny creases in mine that i just could not get out, but putting a coat of fast drying topcoat over the top helped to smooth it out.

You can purchase these sneaker design strips for $6.89, HERE, or any of their other designs, from their website, OMG Nail Strips. They have lots of designs to choose from, and some are as low as $2.99!

At the moment, they also have 2 deals on.
Deal 1) Pick any 4 designs for $20 - coupon code: 4PACK
Deal 2) Pick any 10 designs for $45  - coupon code: 10PACK

These come from the US, but they ship worldwide, with free postage on all orders! How awesome is that!! I will definitely be getting some of these with xmas coming up, where i have little time to do my nails!

Kel xx


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