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Monday, October 15, 2012

This is Halloween Nail Art Challenge: Zombies!

Hi all!
Back for another Halloween challenge! Today's nails are Zombies.

I really had no idea on what i was going to do. I did some google searching and looked at everyone else's nails for the challenge and wished i could be as creative as some of the others! Seriously, you should see everyone else's!

Anyway, this is mine. Nothing to exciting, i actually thought these were pretty cute! lol These are probably more like dirty frankensteins lol.

I used Ulta3 Earl Grey as the base colour. 
Black and White as usual was Ulta3 Lily White and Black Satin and for the red i used China Glaze Scarlet, i even mixed in the tiniest amount of black to the red to give it a bit of darkness. Go me and my creativity! One coat of Seche Vite was added!

Hope you like these. I thought they turned out ok. I was pleased to at least come up with something lol

See you soon!
Kel xx


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