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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Indie Month - Devilish Polish Ann!

Hi Everyone!
Back for another day of Indie month!! Yay!

I got in contact with Kelly from Devilish polish to do a review of her polishes. She sent me three of her polishes but unfortunately two of them broke in transit! Boo you posties! I decanted what was left of them into empty bottles i had lying around.
Today i will be showing you the one that survived the ride over.

This is Ann!

Ann is a beautiful rosey pink with some shimmer. You can see lots of brush strokes but it isn't that bad IRL. This applied very easily with minimal clean up. The formula was awesomesauce! No topcoat was added. 

I love her bottles! Everything about this is awesome. She has the name of the polish ontop (refer to the first pic) and a small label on the front. Neat and precise. 
This polish and more of hers are available on her store (link below) At the moment, she just has the three polishes.

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This was sent for review.

See you next time!
Kel xx


  1. I've never heard of this brand. Booo to the posties breaking your bottles!


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