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Saturday, September 1, 2012

Indie Month: Daring Digits Ice Age!

Hi all!
So today marks the first day of "Indie Month" For the whole month of September, i will be showing and reviewing some awesome Indie polishes! I won't have a post everyday but will most days =). Also, stay tuned as at the end of the month i will be hosting a giveaway with all of the polishes i have reviewed (not the ones i used for the review). I got quite a few in so i will be breaking it up and having 2 to 3 winners. Yay!!

So let's start off with an awesome polish from Ashley over at Daring Digits.

This is Ice Age.

Ice age is a clear base with sparse large white hex's and small aqua blue and white glitter. The formula on this was awesome. This was two think coats over my go-to White, Ulta3 Lily White.

Below swatched (two think coats again) over my also go-to Black, Ulta3 Black Satin.

I love her new look bottles. Ashley has gone from her old "fan" shaped bottles to new, more squarer ones and has also added a new more simpler logo. These bottles are a big 16.5ml. You do not need to "fish" any glitter out. Some settling does occur (like most polishes) so just give them a gentle shake and the stainless steel mixing balls will help mix it again. 
She sells her polishes in her shop on Etsy for usually around $7.75 USD but at the moment she is having a 15% off sale. So please check out her polishes. She also ships internationally. 
You can also keep up to date with Ashley on her Facebook page.

Hope you enjoyed today's polish! Stayed tuned i have another one of hers coming up during the month and both polishes will also be in the giveaway. =)

This was provided for review.
See you soon!
Kel xo


  1. Indie polish month?! *hides wallet*

  2. Giveaway. Yay!! Also making a wish list as you post more pretties..


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