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Saturday, December 10, 2011

25 Days of Christmas! Day 10. My wish list.

I must be feeling sick! This is my Christmas wish list and it doesn't contain a whole lot of "nail crap" (as my partner would call it).

Mirrored Jewellery cabinet. This is so cool. I've wanted a mirror to sit on top of my tallboy for a long time and this is even better because i have so much crap everywhere just lying on top and no where to put most of it. So i can house all my jewellery in this. $59 from Brands Exclusive or Catch of the Day.


Perfume! Perhaps not both but these are on my perfume wish list along with Marc Jacobs Daisy and a few others. My birthday is also coming up in January so hint hint to my partner if he's looking haha. Perfumes vary in price a lot so it always pays to shop around. Ralph Lauren (i already know i have haha) was $28 from national pharmacies (members price for 30ml) which is the cheapest i have ever seen it. I wanted a bigger size but they were more than double the price for 50ml and even dearer again for 100ml so this worked out the cheapest. Midnight fantasy i have found to vary the most. $40 - $80 for 100ml.


 A little weird for a female i guess. Some of you may not even realise or know what it is. It's a leather MOMO manual gear knob for my car. My car has just recently been converted to a manual (or stick shift as some of you may be from America and surrounds) from an auto transmission. So i would love one of these to go with it and look better than the crappy greyish one i have at the moment. About $120 from eBay.


Striper polishes! I really am after some striper polishes. That's pretty self explanatory. This is the only nail stuff i actually want for Christmas. I just did a few orders for nail polish a few months ago and there really isn't anything i really desperately want at the moment. So these will probably wait until my birthday or something. Can get these from ebay, Cherry couture & Beauty Joint to name a few for around $2 a pop plus shipping which is pretty cheap (to aus)


Books. In particular Sophie Kinsella. Ive actually already ordered and received these from Amazon for a very cheap price. They were around 4 pounds ($7-8 Aussie dollars) for each book. I got about 5! I'm not a big book worm and i have a mind like a teenager still (i'm 25 haha). I really want to start reading more and i think these would start me off again. I have heard these are pretty good.

So i think that's about it. Not a real lot but i don't really need a lot. My partner and i live together so we just buy what we want, basically when we want it or can get it. And we are trying to save money as i have to get my wisdom teeth out in a few months and that is going to cost a lot.

Hope you enjoyed seeing my wish list. If you have your own wish list and would like to share it, please feel free to leave a comment or link it from your blog in the comments box. I'd love to check out what everyone else wants for Christmas!!
See you tomorrow!


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