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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Color Club Foiled Collection. *pic heavy*

I thought i would do some swatches of the Color Club Foiled collection. Not sure if i can get in on the whole just doing swatches, but we will see. Also, just for clarification, i purchased these with my own money.

Silver based Champagne gold (foil, obviously) 2 Coats.

 Cold Metal.
Deep Sapphire Blue foil. Only 1 coat needed.

 Foil me once. 
Silver based light pink foil. 2 Coats.

 Hot Like Lava.
Magenta red/pink foil. 2 Coats.

 Silver based Icy Blue foil. 2 Coats.

 Perfect Mol-ten.
 Light Green foil. 2 Coats.

Overall, i was really surprised by this collection. I'm not a big fan of foils and apart from these i don't even think i have many others in my collection. I really liked all the colours in this collection. My favourites would probably be Antiquated, Cold Metal and Perfect Mol-ten. I umm'd and arhh'd over getting this collection but i'm glad i did. I don't know if i would wear them much on their own but they double as stamping polishes. Below, i have stamped each colour on a piece of paper. Just over the whiteness of the paper and then i used a straight up normal black and actually painted that on the paper. It worked out well i thought. haha. 

So there you have it. My first lot of group swatches from one collection. Please tell me what you all think? I'd love some feedback on how i went! =)

*****Oh, and if there's anyone out there that can get their hands on the Color Club Scent-suous collection and can or is able to  help a few Aussie fellow nail geeks out. I know myself and a few others here in Aussieland would love to get our hands on some! Thanks. *****
Have a nice afternoon!


  1. Hey! Just got your comment on my snowflake post. You were right - You're my first commenter ever! :) Your swatches look awesome as well. I haven't decided yet if I'm going to be doing swatches on my blog or just nail art... we shall see!

    As for the Color Club Scent-suous Collection, I can totally get my hands on it and would love to do a swap! There's so many Australian brands I've been dying to try!

  2. Thank you! I love your designs so far on your blog!

    omg, that would be amazing! Can you either email me at or give me your email address so i can email you.
    Thanks again!


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