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Saturday, October 15, 2011

Bathurst Nails!

Sorry it's a weekend too late but this is what i wore last weekend when i went to Bathurst to watch the V8's! I am a ford supporter through and through! Although ford didn't win, we still had a great day and i love these nails that i came up with!

All nails except ring accent nail i used OPI's DS Magic. Not a real ford blue but i didn't have one and this is what my partner picked out. A real ford blue is now on my wish list haha!

The base of the accent nail was China Glaze Millennium for the silver car they drove that weekend to promote Jim Beam Black (label) and i used my black striper to draw the number 17 then outlined it in the white striper polish.

Jim Beam racing/Dick Johnson racing (DJR) have two cars so i obviously wanted to do the other car on the other hand! Their second car is Gold to promote their "Bonded" (label) Jim Beam.
So the accent i used Ulta3's precious and again used my black and white striper polishes to draw the number "18"
I quite like how this turned out and i decided to wear it until we flew back home (2 days later) where i was then itching to take it off! 


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