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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Wicked Mani!

I love love love this mani i did the other day and i am jealous i didn't come up with it!  My co-worker gets her nails done at a salon and came into work the next day and said "see, i got crackle like you've got!"
She had white as a base, purple crackle and holo glitter on top (which looked like OPI's Servin' up sparkle from the Serena Williams collection, but i i couldn't ask her, she wouldn't have the slightest clue haha)

I didn't have the purple shatter "fault line" from China Glaze or the OPI serena one so i changed it up a bit, which is a nice idea anyway as i didn't want to fully copy her.
This was 9 coats of polish all up! wow! 

Base coat: OPI Nail Envy Original for strengthening (from having acrylics previously)
2nd coat: Revitanail Ridge Filler (again from having acrylics, and where a few nails have peeled at the tips) this really helps.
3rd, 4th, 5th coats - 3 Coats of China Glaze's c-c-courage (a bluey- purple with purple and silver microshimmer)
6th coat: Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Top coat (supposed to be anti-chip but meh)
7th coat: China Glaze white crackle in Lightening Bolt
8th coat: China Glaze Fairy Dust
9th coat: Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Top coat

I find it very useful to use a coat of fast drying topcoat between the base colour and the crackle colour, one, it dries fast so you don't have to wait, and then especially if the crackle is white or lighter colours. I find it doesn't "soak" up any base colour when you put your crackle down. It keeps your base colour the way it's mean't to be and then, in my case, it keeps the white white and bright and doesn't have that purple tone to it. 

Blurry to show effects of fairy dust.

Hope you all like this as much as i do, i'm not taking it off anytime soon haha
Enjoy your day!


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