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Friday, July 8, 2011

Back from Holidays & FOA Iron Ore!

Hi all! I'm back from holidays. We had a fantastic time seeing family in Queensland! It went way too fast and i'm not ready to go back to work on monday! I'll have a separate post on our time away soon as i have something everyone will definitely be interested in, as well as a haul on polishes i bought in Qld.

Todays post is Face of Australia's Iron Ore. It is from their Molten Metallics collection which was released around May this year. I had this on last week and took it off the night before we left for Qld. thinking i would of done my nails the next day. I wish i left it on as it's an awesome colour. I love it! it makes me feel like wearing it again! This is my first Face of Australia polish and i definitely want more!
Iron Ore is black with a silver micro shimmer. To me, the shimmer looks a little aqua blueish too. Probably only to me though haha. It applied very well and was opaque in 2 coats.

Erhh.. yes, this was taken on my iPhone in the car! haha

Inside, Indirect light

Outside, Sunlight

Hope you all enjoy your weekend! 
See you next time!


  1. I looove this! I need a decent black, I actually don't have a good one.. my Rimmel one SUCKS!! It is the worst.. I used it the other day and was so frustrated with it.. hmm maybe when No Buy July is done, I'll get me some of these :P

  2. I definitely recommend this colour! It's probally one of my favourite blacks at the moment.
    I'm not a big fan of Rimmel, not sure why but just never cared for it. I guess i can see my money being spent on something like OPI or china glaze which i love, for the cost and for the amount you get. But that's my opinion anyway haha :)


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