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Sunday, August 11, 2013

Love Thy Polish - The holo's!

Hi all!

It's the end of Love Thy Polish week and even though i didn't post yesterday i have three awesome holo's to show you today to make up for it lol

These are due to be released on Thursday 15th Aug. So get your wallets ready as these are beautiful!!
All these holo's are absolutely stunning and are very holo-y (yes, that's a word :P )

First up,

Green Eyed Monster. A beautiful forest green holo. A little less blue than the pictures suggest.
This was 2 coats, but could easily go on in one!

Smurf's got the Blues. A beautiful dark denim blue holo. Perfect in two easy coats.

Marine Dream. This is almost smack bang in the middle of the two above. It's a teal green holo. A little more green than blue than the pictures suggest. Two easy coats.

If you're living in Australia, Love Thy Polish can be purchased directly from her website "Love Thy Polish" Most of her polishes are AU$9.50, Mini's are AU$6.50 but they are a big 8ml mini's. Holo's are AU$12.

If your living outside of Australia, Sorry this is not available but please check out MeiMei's Signatures as she has selected shades available, with worldwide shipping.

If neither option above suits, please beg and beg your closest vendor to stock Love Thy Polish ;)

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  1. Love these and great swatches too! Love the way you show the polish in lowlight as well as sunlight. Nothing worse than wearing a dazzling holo that turns to grey and crap as soon as you walk into the office. These look fab!


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