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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

July What's in-die box? (last month)

Hi all!

I know i am a month late in posting this again haha but this was last months in-die box contents!

Different coloured crepe paper this time..... Reminds me of sully from Monsters inc :P

The card that tells you what's what.

 All wrapped in bubble wrap.

Glam Polish, Shades of Phoenix, MCKFresh Nail Attire, Lilypad Lacquer, Peita's Polish

Glam Polish Little Miss Naughty 23/39, Little Miss bad 37/40, MckFresh Whoops 25/...., Lilypad Lacquer I am Miss Haughty Taughty (not LE), Peita's Polish I'm a Chatterbox 30something/40 

Onto the swatches.....

Glam Polish, Peita's Polish, Lilypad Lacquer, Shades of Phoenix, MCKFresh Nail Attire

Glam Polish Little Miss Naughty. 2 coats. No topcoat. Purple base with pink and green neon and holographic squares, sparse holographic micro glitter.

Shades of Phoenix Little Miss Bad. One, i repeat, ONE coat. No topcoat. Baby blue base with pink and blue dots, small blue dots, black squares and tiny pink glitters.

MCKFresh Nail Attire Whoops! Two coats. No topcoat. Sheer purple base with fine gold shimmer, large white rectangle, black bars and hex's and pink dots.

Lilypad Lacquer I'm Miss Haughty Taughty. One thick coat. Meant for layering. No topcoat. Clear base with large pink hex, medium yellow hex, smaller mint green hex, green squares, small blue glitters and a fine shimmer.

One coat of I'm Miss Haughty Taughty layered over two coats of MUD Meet Minty. No topcoat.

Peita's Polish I'm a Chatterbox. Three coats. No topcoat. Clear base with matte pink, blue and yellow micro hex. Could become opaque in about 5 coats, but looks better over another colour. Just like Nail-venterous floam & the likes....

One coat of I'm a Chatterbox layered over two coats of Ulta3 Lily White. Build it up to how you want it. 

My August In-die box should be arriving any day now and i promise to have it up earlier this time hahaha

Kel xx


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