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Monday, November 19, 2012

Aussie Nails Monday - Loki's Lacquer Smashing Jack!

Hi everyone!!
It's Aussie nails Monday again!! Wow, that week went quick! I actually have felt like crap all week, i burnt my tongue and throat on my hot chocolate last tuesday morning (yes, i really am that stupid sometimes) and have had a sore throat since, then my body decided it was time to get sick since i haven't been sick in almost two years... i was on a good run there! lol So almost over this damn cold and i will be all good but for today, i have had to find a past mani from one my folders. So sorry about that plus this mani was well overdue!

This weeks theme is "Glitter"

My dear Aussie Nails friend and polish maker Tara from Osirisandlokipainttheirnails made this special polish for me. I told her what i want in it and she made it! I also named it and she decided to then sell it on her etsy shop =)

Smashing Jack has large and small black and orange hex's, small white squares and yellow gold bar glitters. The bar glitter in it is very sparse (which is what i wanted) and hard to see against my yellow base colour. The base colour is Ulta3 Honolulu, which was three coats. One coat of SJ. 
I love this colour and am considering buying it in a full sized bottle!

Thanks Tara for creating an awesome polish!!! 

Kel xx


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