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Sunday, June 5, 2011

Shelby turned one! (pic heavy)

On Friday my puppy turned one! wow the 10-12 months went by fast and she has grown into a lovely little doggie! She is a Chocolate Brown and White Border Collie. I love her to bits, so she was my inspiration for my nails this weekend!

This is OPI - Suzi Loves Cowboys. A rich chocolate brown creme. Reminds me of melted dark chocolate, especially once you put a topcoat on and it's all nice and glossy! Yum!! I did this at night and used two coats to what i thought was opaque, added Sally Hansen Insta-dri Top Coat, went to bed. I woke up in the morning and went to go take photos and realised it was still had a few ever so slight bald patches in places so i added another coat of Suzi then another coat of Insta-dri top coat. You might have not been able to see it in photos but it annoyed me! haha

Outside Sunlight

Outside shade, Flash

Inside, Flash

 Then i konaded it with little puppy paw prints from image plate M10 in White.

Inside, Flash

Now for some pic spam of Shelby!

 This is the day we picked her up from the breeder.
8 weeks old.

 Shelby being a bully to Cooper! (cooper is my In-laws 
puppy, he is from the same litter)

Both having a nap after a hard day's playing and play-fighting

 Shelby @ 4 months old!

Shelby @ 6 months old!

Shelby @ 10 months old!

Shelby @ 12 months old!

Hope you enjoyed your weekend! Back to reality tomorrow! =(


  1. Shelby is absolutely adorable!! I just want to give her a hug! I remember when we picked up my little girl from the breeder, good times :) Awesome mani too!

  2. Thanks Julia! She most definitely is adorable! I'll give her a hug for you! hahaha! She has so much character and is very intelligent! It was so exciting when we got to go and pick her up from the breeder. I was as excited as a little kid! The weeks went by very slowly leading up to the time before we picked her up. As we don't have kids, she is like my little baby! hehe. couldn't imagine a day not waking up with her jumping on our beds and giving us her normal routine kiss in the morning! They are just the best!


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